Sabat vs Camarrilla



One of the Prince’s first actions was to name his Archon Robin, a charming Gangrel, to the position of Sheriff. She began to assemble groups of vampires to act as scouts and strike squads.

Eric Powers, Rebecca King, Jack, and Durk Lundquist are given the task of investigating a potential information leak – information on the security of Camarilla Havens – that has been used by a Sabat gang called the Bloody Skulls to attack and diablorize allied vampires.

The group investigated the Mehket, meeting with Claire Kindler their computer specialist and Liandra M’nere their second in command. After cleaning the Mehket the group investigated the Nosferatu, picking up Dalen Revport to assist them.

The investigation lead to a coven of non-affiliated vampires who frequent Das Bunker, a gothic night club downtown. They received permission from the clubs owner Renaldo Gui to confront Crank and Big Jack and Kate. The confrontation went badly and the group learned nothing. The group decided to stake out the internet cafe, “tribal cafe”, owned and run by the coven. While breaking in the group was caught, and a fight broke out. After several minutes of bloody hand to hand fighting, excessive gunfire, and much use of Nightmare – the coven was defeated. Big Jack and Karl, a ghoul, were killed. Crank and Kate were torpored. And Missey, another ghoul, was mesmerized into serving Eric. After inspecting the computer records in the basement, the group returns to the Sheriff with the prisoners and the evidence of their crimes. She rewards them with cash, blood, and her thanks.



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