Sabat vs Camarrilla

The Requiem Begins

The Requiem Begins

New years eve 2011:the besieged remnants of the Los Angeles Camarilla have been summoned to Elysium by the Primogen Council to pay homage to the arriving Justicar, Sebastian, and his entourage. The gathering is filled with new arrivals, allies called in to swell the ranks, mercenaries hired from afar, anarchs coming to test the waters.Several of the elder vampires believe this to be an opportunity to be named the new Prince, and political scheming and favor trading have been rampant.

Sebastian enters with Robin and Skarn, his Archons, along with 4 heavily armed tremere bodyguards. Most find it impossible to even look upon him as he enters, as some great power keeps their eyes facing downward. Sebastian gives a short speech, dashing the hopes of the scheeming elders, and names himself Prince of the city. He demands a full accounting of all assets held by each clan and elder, and a tribute of enemy heads or prisoners to be brought before him at every Elysium.

Over the next week the manpower of the clans is reorganized and redirected to where its most needed – clan, rank, and allegiance fractured. The defenses of the Camarilla are shored up and a clensing of Sabat agents, anarch rebels, enemy sympathizers, and other threats begains.



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