Non Player Characters

Justicar: Sebastian, Tremere, age unknown,
Sheriff/Archon: Robin, Gangrel, age ~300
Archon: Skarn, Gargoyle, age unknown

Priscae: Cyric M’nere, ~16th century French Artilary officer,
Primogen: Liandra M’nere,
-Claire Kindler:
-Dr. Christopher Sampson:
-Lary: ~110, spy and gentlemen,
-Marco: ~38, wet work assassin/ knife specialist
-Marcus Crassus: 37, ghoul

Priscae: Gus Elgin ‘GutterBall’, ~300, elder and current leader of the Camarilla Nosferatu
Primogen: Jerod Josh (JJ), ~80, acting face of the Camarilla Nosferatu
Scourge: Michael, ~70, hit-man for nosferatu, favors guns and surprise.

Ventrue: The Venture have been well established in LA for nearly a hundred years. They are currently the strongest and wealthiest faction among the Camarilla, only their divided internal politics has kept them from domineering the other clans.

-Augusto Vidal, 15th century Spanish noble, most powerful Ventrue in city and contender for Priscae. Augusto has more wealth and personal power than most kindred can dream of possessing. He believed he would be able to ascend to Prince after Prince Alexi’s defeat by the Sabat, but the Justicar had other plans. He is less than pleased, and has resumed his political machinations against Natasha Preston to consolidate the Venture firmly under his control.

-Natasha Preston, 17th century french/new orleans gentile, second most powerful Ventrue in city and contender for Priscae. Natasha is better connected and liked than Augusto, but is less powerful personally. She managed to make great gains during the war with the Sabat under Prince Alexi, and also lately when Augusto Vidal was distracted attempting to become the new prince. She is currently Master of Elysium.

-Philp Maldonato: 18th century new orleans gentile, owns most of the railway and truck shipping in and out of LA. Firm supporter of Natasha Preston and also her lover.

-Gabria Burst, 18th century American, owns most of the female entertainment and escort industy in the upper crest of LA. Supporter of Augusto Vidal, and also his childer.

-Pierport Mcginn: 17th century English Naval Officer, Scourge for the divided Ventrue clan, has made it very clear that he serve the clan and not Natasha or Augusto. Both tolerate him only because of his efficiency.

**The Daeva are currently ruled by a coven of three female kindred,Caitlin Meadows, Pearl Chastain, and Antoine Savoy. They each act as Priscae and Primogen as needed, and are as loyal to each other as kindred can be. It is suspected they all had the same sire and are blood bound to each other, but that is just conjecture. What is known is that together they have been a power in LA for nearly a century, and with the assassination of Prince Vega, and the defeat and disappearance of Prince Alexi, they stand as the most powerful Daeva left in the SD.
-Caitlin Meadows: 17th century America,
-Pearl Chastain: 17th century England,
-Antoine Savoy: 17th century France,
-‘Thor’: ~30, member of Fangs of Rhemus, assassinated Prince Vega, firm supporter of the now MIA Prince Alexi. Thor is a modern titan, a walking testament to the physical prowess of the Daeva. He specializes in fighting with two spears at once and wields them with devastating effect. Good friend of Liandra M’nere and Rebecca King.
-John Marrow: 19th century California, John was a prospector in the Gold Rush who made his fortune by selling women and other vitals to his fellow prospectors. He has continued this and owns a large portion of the porn and modeling industry in LA.
-Renaldo Gui: Owner of ‘Das Bunker’ (popular vampire and goth nightclub downtown), well connected and politically neutral Daeva. He is well liked by most kindred in the Camarilla as well as the Anarchs and Independents.

-Mark – mehket,~35, Carthian, information broker
-Mara – mehket, ~30, Circle of the Crone, information broker and sorcoress
-Baron C, Nosferatu, ~150, Circle of the Crone, Sorceror and coven leader of the Circle.

Independent Clans:



Non Player Characters

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