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Rebecca King: Venture, 24, acting Primogen of the Venture, current Bishop of LA for the Lancea Sanctum, Member of the Fangs of Rhemus. Involved in the assassination of Vega, former prince of La. Status Camarilla LA (3), Status Ventrue LA (4), Status Lancea Sanctum (3)

Durk Lundquist: Gangrel-Hound of Actaon, 90, mercenary hunter who retreated to LA from San Diego as the Sabat took more and more of Southern California. Saved from an Assimyte hunting party by Lianda, Scourge for the Mehket, and recruited to the Camarilla.
Status Camarilla LA (0), Status Grangrel LA (0)

Jack: Gangrel- Bohagande, 50, childer of Robin the current sheriff and Archon for Sebastian. Serves him and her as needed.
Status Camarilla LA (2), Status Grangrel LA (0)

Eric Powers: Daeva, 45, prominent Lawyer and buisnessmen in LA, Harpy for the Daeva.
Status Camarilla LA (2), Status Daeva LA (3)

Dalen Revport “Rev”: Nosferatu, 70, informant to the kgb during the cold war, proponent of “capitalist communism”.Nosferatu agent for the Camarilla. Computer expert and purveryer of secrets. Status Camarilla LA (1), Status Nosferatu LA (3)

Player Characters

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