“Welcome little kindred to the city of sin. Los Angeles has long been an Anarch State, and some of them might still tell you that’s the case. But don’t believe em cause it ain’t. They’re just dumb fucks who refuse to see what’s before their eyes…. that change has come. That the Sabat and the Camarilla have moved in and gone medieval on the streets of LA. That the best coarse of action is to just stay the hell outa the way, and hope whichever victor won’t think you fought for the other side when the dust settles. Laugh You chose a shitty time to go sightseeing.”

This Campaign will be run in two groups: one one side a newly created Showel Party of Sabat cannon fodder and on the other a badly outnumbered group of slightly more experienced Camarilla Mercenaries.

Both sides will be serving an Elder Leader, on the Camarilla Side the Tremere Justicar Sebastian, on the Sabat side the Toreador Archbishop, The Faceless One.

Each group will meet separately with their storyteller, and will be carrying out a Turf war in LA between the two sides. They will compete over resources in contested territories including businesses, havens, equipment, influence, and allies. They will also make attempts to destroy more entrenched enemy resources and kill personel. The groups will be competing indirectly, with actual party vs party conflict to be used sparingly.

Initial Plan:
Sabat showel party will be torn from their current lives, forcibly converted, and pointed at the Camarilla defenses and holdings. They will start as Basic Starting Characters, but will advance in abilities more quickly than their Camarilla counterparts.(EX. 25 experience at start, double experience gain for first several sessions until they catch up with Camarilla)

Camarilla mercenaries will be brought in to support the besieged Justicar and his forces in holding their territory and denying the Sabat any more gains. They will start with a small boost to experience, but will advance much slower than their Sabat counterparts.(EG. 60 experience points at start, normal or slightly reduced experience gain until the Sabat catch up)

As each side achieves objectives (ex eliminating an enemy haven or personal, taking over a local business or establishing control over a region) they will receive merits based on that objective. Taking over a car dealership or Gun store gives them access to resource dots and ‘free’ equipment (cars or guns). Taking out an enemy haven might give the group control that haven, which can be
repaired and improved for character use. Killing several ghouls, influential humans, or even vampires on the other side can be rewarded with anything from blood or feeding rights, to equipment or cash, to status in city/clan/etc.

Sabat vs Camarrilla

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