History: Till 2004 the city of Los Angeles was ruled by the unpopular but powerful Ventrue Prince Sebastian LaCroix. LaCroix met his fate in an explosion that destroyed most of the upper reaches of the Venture Building in downtown Los Angeles.The next few years saw a great deal of competition between various faction for control of the city. Many competing Barons,petty Princes, and elders competed for the cities resources. In 2005 the Gangrel Separation shook the foundations of the Vampire world and helped further fraction LA. This state lasted several years until control of the city was taken in 2009 by Daeva Prince Vega Escalante – a methuselah of incredible power and ruthlessness. Vega and his progeny Alexi Escalante, stepped into a power vacuum left by weak Camarilla leadership, the mysterious disappearance of the city’s Mehket, infiltration by Belial’s Brood and the Sabat, and an incoming Forsaken Werewolf invasion of the city. Vega united the remaining Camarilla vampires and mandated each vampire must fight, hire a proxy from outside the city, or create a progeny to take their place. He also spent tens of millions of his own money to entice Mercenaries like Cyric M’nere, the Blood Wolf Bruja independents, and many others to settle in his domain and help establish his rule. With these forces, he repelled the werewolf invasion and executed all Camarilla and Independent vampires who refused to aid him against the werewolves. With his leadership unquestioned he confronted and annihilated nearly two hundred Belial’s Brood, sending the rest of them and their Sabat comrades fleeing. He also encouraged re-population of the city’s Mehket and other lacking clans by offering incentives to Camarilla vampires from around the globe. With great numbers, enourmous resources, and the fierce loyalty of hundreds of younger kindred he started extending his reach over all of California. He managed incredible feats in his few years – and who knows where the city would be today had he survived.

A mage backed coterie of new vampires known as the Fangs of Remues, previously the right hand hit squad of the prince, confronted and killed him in a apocalyptic battle downtown in 2010.(later disguised as a terrorist attack to protect the masquerade). With his sire dead, the Daeva Primogen Alexi Escalante quickly stepped in to assume control of the city and the remnants of his sires empire. He was unable to reunite the strengthened clans firmly under his rule as Vega had done, and faced heavy opposition on the Primogen council and from the leaders of the Mehket and the Lancea Sanctum in particular. He may have been able to turn this around, but in response to the deaths of hundreds of their brethren and allies, and the loss of nearly all their territory in California, the Sabat sent in a ancient Toreador Antitribu to retake the city as a Sabat foothold on the West Coast. Alexi had superior numbers and resources at first, and was able to wipe out offshoot havens and shovel packs with ease. But he was unable to find and eliminate the Elder, and the Sabat kept expanding. They crept out of the sewers and took over the warehouse districts in Santa Monica, and after Ghouling many of the LA Gangs begain to take over the downtown area. Soon Camarilla Havens and other holdings were coming under attack, ghouls were being killed off, and it was all out war in the streets. Camarilla had the police, superior resources, and more experienced personnel but the Sabat had sheer numbers on their side. Between the gangs, Tzimisce war ghouls, and endless shovel parties the Camarilla could kill ten to one and still lose ground. Finally Alexi gathered his strongest supporters and made a last ditch attack upon the Sabat and their leadership. He wiped out several Havens, over a hundred ghouls and younger kine, and even a few elder Sabat. But then he finally found his long sought query, the Toreador leader, and the tables turned. The Sabat had sent an elder ready and expecting to fight against Vega, and compared to his sire the new prince was weighed and found sadly lacking. Many of Alexi’s strongest supporters were killed, captured, or torpored. Alexi himself was unaccounted for after the battle, but as he has yet to return he has been assumed killed.

All that kept the Sabat from scouring the city clean of the remaining Camarilla was the presence of hostile Independents – the Miller clan of the Sangiovani – the Gangrel anarchists – and the newly reunited Assimites. All three had been slowly and quietly establishing themselves since the death of Vega, and each clan was easily able to expand their presence in the city during the conflict between the Sabat and Camarilla. Although they had broken their enemies leadership, the Sabat sustained great losses as well and as such could not afford to fight the independents as well as the remaining Camarilla presence. Or at least not yet. Since 2011 the Sebat have began more subtle activities, gaining territory and resources, and preparing for their next great offensive. Who the target of this will be is anyone’s guess, and many’s nightmares.

In November of 2011 the Status Quo changed for the Camarilla in the city. The Inner Circle, the highest authority of Camarilla leadership, convened in Venice as they do every 13 years to appoint new Justicars and deal with any pressing business. The inner council feared the loss of the West Coast and possible all of North America if the Sabat were allowed to take over Los Angeles. The appointments are always an intense, drawn out process as each clan attempts to elevate its most talented members and likewise limit the power of the other clans. This politicking often results in compromise candidates and new rivalries, but this convention was particularly brutal as each clan tried to avoid being forced to spend their resources to deal with the enormous Sabat problem in LA. Eventually an Elder Tremere, relatively unknown outside of his own clan, volunteered to take on the Sabat in LA if he was appointed Justicar. He said he would only need the resources already available in the city, his own personal ones, and possibly a little support from his clan. The choice was unanimous – and Sebastian Malakai was named the Tremere Justicar and sent to LA to confront the Sabat.


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